Christos Pistolas
heavyweight athlete

Question impossible!!”


Superior14 supplements is proud to announce the sponsorship of the newest talent of the Greek and the European bodybuilding, the 2016 IFBB Diamond Cup Athens Overall Winner and holder of Pro-card Christos Pistolas.

Christos is 26 years old and his first official competition was back in 2009 in Mr.Hellas WABBA. In this competition Christos Pistolas took the 2nd place.

As you can see below, Christos Pistolas achieved excellent results in all competitions that he took place:


IFBB NOVEMBER 2016: Diamond Cup Men’s -100kg 1st Place & Overall Winner (PRO CARD)
IFBB NOVEMBER 2016: Greek Nationals Men’s -100kg 1st Place
NAC NOVEMBER 2015: Mr.Universe Men BB2 2nd Place
NAC NOVEMBER 2015: Greek Championship Men BB2 1st Place
NAC NOVEMBER 2014: Mr.Universe 2014 Men BB2 10th Place
WABBA NOVEMBER 2014: Greek Championship Juniors 1st Place
NAC NOVEMBER 2014: Greek Championship Men BB2 1st Place
IFBB NOVEMBER 2013: Diamond Cup Men’s -95kg 3rd Place
IFBB NOVEMBER 2013: Elite Grand Prix Men’s -100kg 2nd Place
IFBB NOVEMBER 2013: Elite Grand Prix Juniors 1st Place
IFBB NOVEMBER 2013: Greek Nationals Men’s -100kg 4th Place
IFBB NOVEMBER 2013: Greek Nationals Juniors 1st Place
IFBB APRIL 2013: Balkan Championship Juniors 6th Place
NAC NOVEMBER 2012: Greek Championship Men BB2 2nd Place
WFF NOVEMBER 2012: Greek Championship Extreme Body 2nd Place
NABBA NOVEMBER 2012: Greek Chamionship Men BB2 1st Place
WABBA MAY 2011: Mr.Hellas Juniors 3rd Place
WABBA MAY 2010: Mr.Hellas Juniors 4th Place
WABBA MAY 2010: Mr.Aegean Juniors 2nd Place


1. MEAL: 7.00

10 egg whites + 2 whole eggs + 1 scoop whey core + 80gr dry oats + 1 banana

2. MEAL: 9.00

250gr chicken breast + 250gr rice + vegetables

3. MEAL: 12.00

250gr lean red meat + 350gr sweet potato

4. MEAL: 15.00

2 scoops iso pro zero + 4 capsules krealka max

5. MEAL: 16.00

300gr fish + 250gr rice + 1 tbsp olive oil + vegetables

6. MEAL: 18.00

10 egg whites + 1 whole egg + 1 scoop whey core + 80gr dry oats

Favorite supplements: NO Rebirth, NO4 AAKG, MJS vitamin, C1000 vitamin, Calcium Zinc Magnesium, Essential BCAA 2:1:1


TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Each body part is trained with 12-20 sets, 8-12 reps each set, focusing on compound movements first and isolation exercises towards the end of the workout. I am a big believer in cardio, pre contest and off season, and I’m performing any type of low intensity cardio 5-7 times a week 20-45mins per session (depending on if I’m trying to put on mass or trying to lean out.

  • MONDAY: Chest, Triceps
  • TUESDAY: Back, Biceps
  • WEDNESDAY: Quads, Calves
  • THURSDAY: Shoulders, Abs
  • FRIDAY: Arms
  • SATURDAY: Hamstrings, Calves
  • SUNDAY: Off